Group Health Plans

Did you know….

  • We can compare your current plan with a new plan to show you savings
  • We can get you a free quote with no obligation
  • Group health plans can help you hire and retain your best workers
  • No one can be turned down based on medical history
  • Group coverage can also protect workers’ family members that might otherwise go uninsured

Group health insurance is purchased by the employer and offered to eligible employees of the company, as well as, the employees’ family members. Offering your employees group health coverage gives your employees an additional incentive to work for your organization. We offer group plans through a variety of carriers, which allows us to find your organization the best coverage at the best rate.

Contact Kristen Cron, our group health expert, if you do not currently offer your employees a group health plan or would like to review your current group health coverage to see if another plan would be beneficial to your business.