Individual & Family Health Plans

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Did you know…

  • We can insure recent graduates for possibly hundreds less per month than your current group plan……our rates start at just $70 per month!
  • We can cover your spouse and children not covered by your current group plan.
  • We offer COBRA coverage for those recently laid off of work.
  • Our premiums can be substantially less than your current premiums at work under your group coverage.

If you do not have access to a group health plan through your employer, you believe your group monthly premium is too high, you are self-employed, you are an early retiree, or you are in-between jobs, an individual health policy may be necessary for you. The difficult part about getting health insurance coverage for yourself or your family is finding the right plan. Individual health plans are underwritten, so current health conditions and medical history are taken into consideration and effect your monthly premium. Health Insurance Options offers a guarantee issue policy, which allows people with serious health conditions to receive medical insurance. Health Insurance Options is proud to carry various other health plans to choose from depending on your current situation. With so many carriers offering so many different plans, having an independent agent direct you towards the right plan has become necessary in purchasing health insurance. Our experienced agents will explain in detail the different options available to you and find you the coverage that best suits your needs.

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