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These 7 auto insurance discounts could help you cut auto insurance costs, without cutting coverage!

If you’re a driver, you are well aware that most states require you to have auto insurance. You’re even more aware that it can be a costly expense every month when your bill comes in. You likely haven’t had an accident or a claim in years, but you keep paying a higher rate every time renewal comes back around. What you may not know is that there are several discounts you may qualify for to help drive down your monthly cost. Here are seven auto insurance discounts you should ask your insurance agent about:

1. Good Driving Discounts:

If you have been safely traveling and precisely navigating your vehicle in all conditions with ease, it’s likely that your company will give you a discount! Many auto insurers will give you a break if you’ve been accident free, haven’t needed to file a claim, and haven’t received a traffic ticket in the last 3 years. Just be sure to keep up the good driving and you can enjoy the benefits for years to come.

2. Good Grades:

For teens and young drivers in your family, hitting the books can help save money when they start hitting the roads. By having and maintaining at least a B average in school, you could get a break in insuring their ride. This one is a win-win right parents?

3. Driver’s Ed:

Speaking of the advantages of being studious, some insurers will offer a discount for drivers who complete a Driver’s Ed or Driving Safety Course. Not skipping this course could add to the monthly savings.

4. Multiple Policies:

Thinking of adding policies? New driver in the family? Some insurers will give you a discount if you have two or more policies with them. Keeping all of your coverage in the family can help keep extra cash in your pockets every month!

5. Safety Equipment:

Extra equipment to keep your car safe, such as anti-theft devices and anti-lock brakes can often get you a discount on your auto insurance, as well as provide additional protection.

6. Longtime Policy Holders:

Have you stuck with your company through it all? If you’ve been with the same company for several years, they might reward that loyalty with a little extra savings. Consider asking an agent next time renewal rolls around.

7. High Deductibles:

Paying out a higher deductible now often means you will pay a lower premium for the long run.

These auto insurance discounts will help put additional cash back into your bank account! If you have any questions about your current policy or any of the discounts you may qualify for, just call us at 724-929-2300. Our friendly, knowledgeable agents will find out a solution that fits your specific situation best. Request a free quote today and let us do the comparing for you!