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It’s no big surprise that summer is a popular season for those who popped the question. Chances are you’ve already been invited to a few weddings this year. Whether you plan to get hitched yourself, or you know someone who does, it’s important to figure out which insurance changes to make after you tie the knot. We gathered the top 4 insurance questions you should ask after getting married. Now it’s time to say “I Do” to savings!

Top 4 insurance questions to ask after getting married

1. Should we combine car policies?

You may share the same name now, but do you need to take each other’s insurance history once you’re married?

If you both have great driving records, you may want to combine your policies. By combining, you’ll save more money after getting married than by keeping separate policies. The savings only add up when you get a discount for having multiple cars on one policy.

However, if one of you has a less than perfect past behind the wheel, adding that risk to a low risk drive’s policy could lead to rate increases. Issues such as driving accidents, tickets or numerous claims on one record might be best kept separate.

The best way to decide whose policy to add to or if you’re keeping your own is to talk with your agent. At CSC, we compare prices and policy types for you to save you the headache of shopping around. We would be happy to review your current policies and run you a free quote with some of the biggest names in the industry to ensure you get the best price possible. Just call us at 724-929-2300 today.

2. Have we combined our homeowners insurance policy?

While we can’t help you narrow down what items you’ll be bringing into your new home. We can help protect all of your belongings against damage or theft. Once you’re married, you’ll want to make sure that you have updated and consolidated your homeowners or renters policies. This will guarantee that you aren’t paying for duplicate coverage you don’t need. Review the policies to make sure there are no surprises and drop the one that has less coverage or costs more. Be sure to combine or create a new home inventory list as well with all your wedding gifts included. For more tips on how to ensure all your big ticket items are safe, read our post here. And don’t forget the ring!

3. Should we update our health insurance (if needed)?

Though you may have had your own insurance before getting married, there might be reasons to combining your benefits. Spend some time comparing costs and coverage (or have us do the work for you, free!) and talk with your HR department to see what your options are. Don’t put this one off! Many companies give just 60 days after your wedding day to make any changes to your plan.

4. Did we update our beneficiaries?

If you haven’t looked at the beneficiary or “emergency contact” on your policies since signing them, now would be a good time to. No one wants an old friend or roommate getting the first call in an emergency. To avoid a chaotic and awkward situation, always be sure to update your beneficiaries. You wouldn’t want all of your belongings going to your ex college roommate, should something happen.

For even more ways to protect you and the love of your life, just call us at 724-929-2300. We have options for everything from auto and home insurance to life and more. We can even help make sure your perfect day goes off without a hitch! Ask one of our fast and friendly, local agents about special event insurance too.