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You are sitting at a red light when suddenly Crunch! Someone rear ends your car. It’s their fault and their insurance company will be responsible to pay for the damages, right? It likely comes as no surprise that insurance can be tricky, especially when determining who pays for what. If you’ve never had an accident, it can be confusing. However, we have a few tips for dealing with another driver’s insurance company to make your claim go smooth.

1. Get the other driver’s information

After any and every accident, you want to trade information with the other driver. This includes their drivers license number, insurance information, and license plate. Be sure to take photos of any damage and write down whatever you can remember so you have an accurate accounting of the situation.

2. Contact the Police

Without a police report, it’s your word against theirs. Even if the accident seems minor, or obviously the other driver’s fault, it’s smart to always get a police report. It may not seem like more than a dent at first, but there could be more damage than what you initially see. No matter the accident, contacting the police is a good idea to protect yourself properly.

3. Contact your insurance company first

Even if you believe the damages aren’t your fault, always inform your insurer about an accident. The other motorist’s insurance company may call yours and you want them to be aware.

4. Contact their insurance company next

You’ll also want to report the accident to their insurer. This is why it is so important to trade information. The driver who hit you may be less than eager to report the accident, so contacting them will get the ball rolling. The sooner the accident is under investigation, the sooner you will get the repairs you need to hit the road.

Once the incident has been reported, it’s up to the insurance companies. If it’s confirmed you weren’t at fault for the accident, you’ll receive any money spent on a deductible back from the other insurance company.

While no one ever wants to deal with a claim, having the peace of mind knowing you have a company who will fight for you can make the process easier. Our friendly, local staff are always here for their clients and will take the worry off your shoulders should damages occur. Just call us today at 724-929-2300 for a fast and free quote. We work with 20 of the nations highest ranked companies and will compare prices for you to save you time and money.