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How much are all of your belongings worth?

Everything from furniture, dishware, and electronics, all add up to a hefty total, but if you don’t have a home inventory, your guess is as good as your insurance company’s. It might seem obvious that stores keep an inventory of products, but you may not have thought you need one for your home. Although your home insurance provides you with protection in case of a loss, such as a fire or burglary, it can only pay for items you can prove ownership of. If you rent, you need a renter’s policy to cover your personal belongings. Creating a home inventory is the best way to ensure your prized possessions will be replaced. A home inventory is important in protecting your belongings and will give you a documented record to refer to. Here is what you need to know about conducting a home inventory.

Why is a Home Inventory List Important for My Insurance?

Not only does an inventory list provide you with a checklist of your possessions in the event of a loss, it helps you determine if you have enough insurance coverage. As a rule of thumb, your coverage should equal the cost of your belongings at today’s prices. Expensive items, such as jewelry and fine art, should be regularly appraised to guarantee you have enough coverage, due to the nature of their values.

How to Conduct a Home Inventory

To complete an inventory for your entire home, begin by walking through every room and identify its contents. Be as specific as possible and include the manufacturers name, price you paid, and date of purchase. It is best to keep the receipts of larger purchases to ensure you get a fair replacement value after depreciation. It’s helpful to take photos or video of the items, this media will need to be kept with your list. Include the date when you complete your list and each time you update it.

Below is a basic template for you to use to help you get started with a few examples. Add all the prices up at the end and repeat this form for each room. When you have a list of all rooms, add the totals together to see if you have enough coverage. This also gives you a complete estimate of your belongings. Store your list in a fireproof safe or safety deposit box. Lastly, as you purchase more items, update your list.

Flatscreen TV 1 1-1-17 $500.00
Dressers 2 10-3-15 $400.00
Bed – King Size with frame 1 7-21-15 $1,250.00
TOTAL $2,150.00


If you have any questions about creating a home inventory, or would like a review of your current policy, please call 724-929-2300. One of our agents will be able to assist you or answer any questions. In addition, we can provide knowledgeable advice on coverage, as well as get you a free quote or policy review.