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With winter storm Stella about to hit the northeast, it’s a good idea to make a preparedness checklist. Most of our area, and all over the state, is slated to endure what is hopefully the final snow burst of the winter, but we aren’t in spring just yet, so here is a quick infographic to help you ensure you can ride out the storm comfortably (or preferably stay indoors until it passes) before it hits.


Weather Winter Storms


It is also a good idea to ensure all cellular phones are charged prior to the storm, as well as extra portable batteries, to help ensure you are able to get emergency contact in the case of a power outage. If you are running a generator, be sure it has proper ventilation and is not releasing deadly fumes into your home. For more information on items to keep on hand during a power outage, click here. Winter storms are dangerous and should not be taken lightly, use extreme caution when driving and be sure to take breaks when shoveling snow. If possible, avoid putting yourself at risk and stay in until conditions improve.