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Setting time aside for yourself and your loved ones can seem impossible at times. But with these tips in mind, you’ll find it’s easier than you think. 

How To Set Quality Time

Many of us are busier than ever catching up on work, housekeeping, and caring for loved ones of all ages. And oftentimes, it’s difficult to set aside time for our families and ourselves. If you recognize this scenario, read on for tips on how to reserve quality time for your children, your partner and yourself.

Your Children

Here are some easy ideas to spend precious one-on-one time with your children—without distractions like TV or devices.

Go for a walk. When your kids are bouncing off the walls with energy and you can’t seem to calm them down, go for a walk together.

Make a fun meal together. Tacos, pasta, pancakes—whatever your child’s favorite meal is, why not prepare it together? If you make cooking a regular event, your child will look forward to it for days!

Fix it. Kids are naturally curious, and when it comes to things like painting a fence or repairing a broken appliance, many love to know what you’re doing. Explain to your child what you’re doing and instruct him or her how to assist you.

Your Partner

The following suggestions can help you make quality time to spend with your partner.

Turn off the TV. After a hectic day, it’s easy to flop onto the couch and grab the remote. However, unless both of you are actively engaged in a program, watching TV isn’t the best way to spend time together.

Go on a date. Remember when you’d just met and had butterflies? Recreate the same circumstances by setting a monthly date night.

Ask your partner what he or she would like to do. Granted, you can initiate quality time, but so can your partner. Make a list, and agree to choose at least one activity per week.


If you never seem to have a moment to yourself, it’s time to remedy that. Here’s how:

Don’t work late. Even if it’s just one day a week, make sure to leave work on time. You’ll be surprised at how much extra time you’ll have that evening.

Exercise. Exercise is good for your body, but it’s also good for your mind. At least three times a week try yoga, walking, running or swimming. Simply getting up and moving means you’re doing something for you.

Have an evening to yourself. Take an evening each week for yourself. Read a good book in a quiet corner or enroll in an art class at your local community center or college.

Plan a date with yourself. Whether it’s a spa day, an art gallery, movie or a walk on the beach, plan a special date with yourself ahead of time and commit to it.


* Source: Encompass Insurance