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Whether you’ve recently accepted a job in a new city, are starting out on your own, or your growing family needs a bigger space, looking for a new apartment can be exciting and overwhelming. Check out these 5 tips for finding the right apartment and making a good impression with your landlord.

1. Research early and extensively

Set your budget and begin the search for a new apartment as soon as possible. This will allow you to get an idea of the current market and see what’s available in your desired location. Doing broad research will also help solidify your priorities as well as help you narrow down options as your move date approaches.

2. Expand your new apartment search

Online sources may be the most popular way to hunt for a new apartment, but don’t forget the old-fashioned ways either. Bulletin boards and local community resources could have local listings that aren’t online yet. Often, locals will post there before listing on online sources.

3. Location is key

Spend as much time as you can in and around where you’d like to live. Strike up a conversation with the local barista, bartender, or corner-store owner. Often times these people will know the pros and cons of the neighborhood. Plus, talking with people will help you figure out if the area is right for you. Don’t forget the community surrounding your new apartment is just as important as the apartment itself.

4. Be smart & ask questions

Once you’ve found a potential place, the next step is either to view it in person. Think of this initial meeting with the apartment owner or management company as a job interview. First impressions are important so you’ll be the one chosen over other potential applicants. Looking professional and being prompt are important for showing them that you are responsible.

5. Don’t be afraid to be a little nosy

Open the closets to get a realistic picture of the available storage space. Turn on the shower, run the water in the kitchen and bathroom sinks, and flush the toilet. Check under the sinks for signs of mold and critters — it’s a lot better to know now if there is a problem.

Be sure to ask any questions that may concern you about the area or the apartment itself while viewing. Nothing would be worse than moving in and realizing parking is a nightmare or that you’re in a college neighborhood when you wanted a quiet suburb.

If you are serious about a place, being willing to move in quickly could also help. Don’t wait on an apartment that checks all of your boxes, especially in the high season from spring to fall. Another buyer could beat you to it while you are weighing options.

Whenever you find the perfect apartment, don’t forget to protect it and all of your belongings with a renters insurance policy. Just call us at 724-929-2300 and we can get you a free quote fast. Protection for your new apartment typically costs $10-30 a month, so don’t risk it! To learn more about why renters insurance is so important and what it covers read our article, here.