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Open Enrollment is coming soon and with it will bring you a new Medicare card. Medicare is mailing new Medicare cards to all people with Medicare. Your new card will automatically come to you, so long as your address is up to date.

If you need to update your address, visit your mySocial Security account.

Find out more about when your card will arrive.

8 things to know about your new Medicare card

    1. 1. Your new card will have a new Medicare Number that’s unique to you, instead of your So Security Number. This will help to protect your identity.


    1. 2. Your Medicare coverage and benefits will remain the same.


    1. 3. Your new card is paper, which is easier for many providers to use and copy.


    1. 4. Once you get your new Medicare card, destroy your old Medicare card and start using your new card immediately.


    1. 5. If you’re in a Medicare Advantage Plaike an HMO or PPO): Your Medicare Advantage Plan ID card is your main card for Medicare. You should still keep and use it whenever you need care.


    1. 6. If you have a Medicare drug plan, be sure to keep that card as well.  Even if you use one of these other cards, you also may be asked to show your new Medicare card, so keep it with you.


    1. 7. Only give your new Medicare number to doctors, pharmacists, other health care providers, your insurers or people you trust to work with Medicare on your behalf.


    1. 8. If you forget your new card, you, your doctor or other health care provider may be able to look up your Medicare Number online.


Don’t forget that it is best to always review your coverage during fall open enrollment. Even if your current plan works for you, there may be other plans that better fit your needs. Just call us at 724-929-2300 and let one of our Medicare specialists help find you the plan that is right for you.