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It is 2018 and there are many insurance options out there. The selection can make it difficult to choose what company, policy and interface works best for you. Do you need a local agent? Are you fine with large call centers? However, shopping just on price or company name won’t always get you the best coverage. Before you decide, it’s important to remember your agent is just as essential as the company. Find out why having a personal insurance agent you can trust matters.

Why a Personal Insurance Agent is Important

While it may be easier to just sign-up online or call an 1-800 number, you may be missing out on the personal touch. An insurance agent is there to help educate you on their products, coverage options and possible complications that may occur as a result of a claim. If you deal with a large company however, you won’t have one point of contact. This could leave you re explaining your situation and getting no where should there be an issue with your policy or claim. You’ll want to have a good idea of how your policy works and the best way to learn is to walk through it with an expert.

Ask yourself these questions:

– Do you understand the coverage on your policy and when to use it?

– Does your insurance agent complete annual reviews with you BEFORE your policy is set to renew?

– Have you had someone to guide in you in making insurance decisions based on your financial status?

– Do you have someone to handle claims on your behalf that you can work with?

Your insurance agent should be your trusted advisor. They can be much more than just an online submission form or phone call. A local, personal insurance agent takes the time to get to know you! We work for your family and ensure you are covered properly based on your needs, financial situation and top priorities. A local insurance broker has more options and can tailor fit a policy to your needs, not a one size fits most policy.

Insurance is an important piece that ties in with your financial situation and planning. Life is full of changes, which means your insurance needs to constantly change as well. Our agents will ensure that your current policy is truly the right one for you and your family at the best price.

While the company is important in your decision making, the agent can take your experience to the next level and help ensure you’ve got the protection you need when it comes time to file a claim. As a family owned independent insurance broker, we are a team of dedicated professionals with over 30 years of experience. Get to know us today. Just call 724-929-2300, connect with us on Facebook or stop in our local office. We’d love to meet you!