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Is your pool safe? Thousands of pool injuries and drownings are reported every year, many of which could be avoided with improved safety measures. Make pool safety a priority this summer with these helpful tips and enjoy the company of friends and family poolside all season long.


Swimming Pool Safety Tips

  • Supervision:

    69% of drowning incidents occurred when parental supervision was absent and the pool was easily accessible. Always have someone watching the pool area when in use, especially if children are around the pool. Install alarms on any entrances to the pool area to alert you if someone enters the pool area without your knowledge.

  • Install a Fence:

    Fences should be around the pool area to prevent others from getting into your pool. The fence should be at least 4 foot tall and made of material that is difficult to climb. Ensure slats are no more than 4 inches apart to prevent small children from squeezing through or someone from using the gap as a foot hold. Make sure your fence has a self latching entrance with a locking latch high enough to be out of reach of children.

  • First Aid & Life Saving Devices:

    Always have a first aid kit poolside. Be sure to include a pair of scissors in the kit as well in case someone’s hair or clothing were to get entangled and need to be cut. Keep a flotation device close by to assist swimmers if they start to drown or struggle to stay above water.

  • Check All Drains:

    If any drain covers are damaged or do not fit properly, replace them immediately. Faulty drains can cause a person to become trapped and lead to drowning. Do not allow anyone to use the pool until the drains and covered are repaired.

  • Invest in a Sturdy Cover:

    A sturdy pool cover will insure no one can get into the pool when you aren’t using it. Power covers are easy to operate and will prevent usage when closed. Ensure the cover you get will not hold water on top of the cover.

You may also want to consider getting an umbrella policy if you frequently have friends or family over to use your pool. This will help to cover you in case someone was to get hurt or die while using your pool. Don’t assume you won’t have to defend yourself because they are close to you. For more information on umbrella policies to keep you covered, call 724-929-2300 to speak with a friendly agent today. They will be able to answer any questions and get you the right coverage at the best price, so you can focus on your next pool party instead of comparing rates. Let us compare for you!