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Using your grill could be leaving you and your family at risk. With the weather getting warmer and summer right around the corner, you may be getting anxious to fire up your grill and get outside for family cookouts. However, your grill could be leaving you at risk. There are approximately 8,800 grill fires each year, causing a staggering $118 million in property damages alone. So before you throw on your “Kiss the Cook” apron, learn the summer grilling safety tips that will help prevent fire damage and

Grilling Safety Checklist

Before you light your grill this summer, it is a good idea to check the condition to prevent any accidents while in use.

  • – Check all hose lines for any cracks, pinches, clogs, or drying. Replace any old or worn hoses prior to use.
  • – Ensure no lines come in contact with areas that may become hot during use.
  • – Test that all connections between the tank and hoses are securely tightened
  • – If you own a gas grill, use soapy water to wash the propane tank and check for leaks. If you see bubbles forming around the seal or valve, turn off the gas, and replace the tank before use.
  • – Clean all grates, drip pans, and burners before use to remove fat and grease buildups. Excess fat can cause dangerous flare ups and charred remains can contain cancer causing agents.

Get Grilling

Once you have cleaned and checked your grill for any problems, you will be able to begin use.

  • – Ensure your grill is outside and away from your home and overhangs or branches. Grills should never be used indoors as they release Carbon Monoxide, a deadly colorless, odorless gas.
  • Never leave the lid closed when the gas is turned on. Only turn the gas on when you are ready to light the grill. This will prevent a buildup of propane vapors, which could explode when lit.
  • – Designate someone to watch the grill at all times. Finish your prep work prior to turning on the grill and do not leave it unattended while lit.
  • – Keep a 3 foot radius around the grill clear when in use to prevent injury.

Once you are finished cooking, turn off the propane or put out the coals. After the grill cools, clean any residue from cooking so you will be ready for next time.

The summer months provide the perfect weather for cookouts or BBQs with your family and friends, but it is important to do your part in keeping everyone safe. Following these grilling safety tips will help to ensure the only memories you make this season are good ones. For additional protection for your home and belongings, call us at 724-929-2300 to speak with an insurance expert who will save you time and money by doing the comparing for you and provide you with the lowest rate on coverage tailored to you.