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You never want to think you could be the victim of a car accident, but that fear is only made worse if the other driver flees the scene. A hit-and-run accident can happen so fast. Any accident involving a driver who flees the scene is considered a “hit-and-run”. A car accident can be frustrating, but what do you do if the other driver flees before you can get any information? How will you get coverage? Here are 5 tips on what to do if you are part of a hit and run accident.

1. Don’t Chase the Hit and Run Driver

While you may be upset and want to chase the hit and run driver to demand they pull over, it’s not safe. Not only could it lead to unsafe driving on your part, but you do not know how dangerous the driver could be when confronted. In addition, leaving the scene of the accident could put you in a compromising position. You will miss gathering any eyewitness accounts and the police could question who’s really at fault. Pull your car safely off the road and check on the wellness of all your passengers rather than attempting to follow the other driver.

2. Call the Police

It is important to contact the police to get a report of the accident, even if you don’t think you have a firm case. Having a police report on file can help your insurance claim process go much smoother. When police arrive, give them your account of what happened, but let them assess the situation without interfering, blaming, or admitting fault.

3. Write Down the Info You Can

Despite the incident, it is important not to become rattled and to get as much information about the other vehicle as possible. Write down the license plate number if you can and any information on the car or driver you may have noticed. What color was the car? What type of car was it? Was the driver male or female? Which direction was it traveling? If there was anyone in your car, see if they can help with any additional information. Ask anyone who may have witnessed the accident to give a statement to the police as well.

4. Take Photos of the Scene and Your Car

These photos can be helpful when constructing the accident report and your insurance claim. Take photos of the location, your injuries, damages to your vehicle, and anything else that might seem important. The more photos you have, the better you will be able to explain your case.

5. Call your insurance company

Always be sure to contact your insurer as soon as possible so your claim process can get started sooner rather than later. Provide any pertinent information to your agent and explain the situation.

While we certainly hope you are never the victim of a hit and run accident, knowing how to handle the situation ahead of time can help to alleviate the stress and make the situation much smoother. Following these tips will help keep you safe and get you back on the road in no time. For more ways to protect your ride, just call us at 724-929-2300! We can compare prices for you to get you the best car insurance quote with less hassle! Get your free quote today and start save with CSC Insurance Options!